Thursday, July 12, 2012

First comes love, then comes marriage…then comes BABY KOPET the end of December!

At 10 weeks

Welcome to my first Blog! I am totally new at this but thought it was perfect timing to start a blog while I was expecting me and my husbands first baby so that everyone can join along in the journey. Here is how we first learned we were expecting:

After a yummy dinner on a rare nice day on the patio at Red Robin, John and I realized we still had an hour of time to kill before we went to the movies to see The Avengers (John’s new all time favorite movie). I suggested we wander over to Target, our favorite store of course.  For the first time since quietly him and I knowing my monthly visitor was much delayed, I said I wanted to pick up a pregnancy test. With it now lingering in our minds that something could be about to change dramatically in our life’s, we lost interest in anymore shopping and went straight to picking up the tests.

After coming home from the movie we decided we couldn’t wait anymore. We sat in silent in amazement looking at the ‘pregnant’ test. Then decided to test again and again, it took a couple days for it to fully sink in; it seemed like winning the jackpot! We found out I was already 7 weeks along! It was so hard containing our excitement to ourselves; we wanted to share it with the world!  Thankfully I had a busy week ahead of me and I purposely tried to stay away from my mom and sister, they would have been the first to suspect something was up!

Mother’s day was coming up that weekend and we thought it would be perfect to let our families know then as a mother’s day gift. We signed each of the cards Happy Mother’s Day Grandma and rolled up an onesie and baby socks in a gift bag. Plans worked out perfectly, John’s family was coming up for the weekend and my family had a day early mother’s day dinner. Their reactions were priceless and so glad John was able to secretly video record the whole thing!

John and I feel so blessed and are looking forward to becoming parents, all week we have been reflecting on how good God is to us!!